3rd Electric - Solar Energy

About 3rd Electric Co.

3rd Electric was created in July 2009 to provide affordable solar energy to Nigerians to meet their daily consumption. Our goal is to deliver solar power products of uncompromising quality and become a leading provider in Nigeria. We offer an array of solar power products of various capacities, top quality hardware, access to top notch customer care support and installation services. And although solar technology is what we thrive on, bringing it to practical, residential and commercial scale solutions is what drives us. Building on the increasing demand for a solution to the electricity malaise in the energy sector, 3rd Electric will fill the gap that exists today in the local power supply chain while building a brand name amongst the industry and the consumer. We aim to offer Nigerians great choice in solar power products by working with the best manufacturers around the world to deliver the most clean, reliable, efficient and cost-effective renewable solar power solutions.

The Advantages of Solar Energy


  • The energy from the sun is virtually free after the initial costs have been recovered.
  • Solar and other renewable energy systems can be stand-alone; thereby not requiring connection to a power grid
  • The sun provides a virtually unlimited supply of solar energy
  • The use of solar energy displaces conventional energy; which usually results in a proportional decrease in green house gas emissions
  • The use of solar energy is an untapped market. 
  • Requires no fuel
  • Has no moving parts
  • Produces No Emissions
  • Generates no Waste
  • Silent and Zero Noise Pollution
  • Reduces Dependency on Oil and Petrol